Born: Jan 2013, Devon

Father: Daniel Edward Leins

Mother: Sarah Baaber

Born: Mar 1951, Totnes, Devon 1

Father: David John Leins

Mother: Valerie Cornish


  1. BMD Index
  2. Leins		Janet			Births	Mar 1951	Totnes		7a	871	CORNISH

Born: 11 Jan 1949, Hawarden, Anglesey 1

Married: 24 May 1969, Michael Hugh Dobson 2

  • Luke Konrad Dobson, born 1975
  • Melissa Jane Dobson, born 1978
  • Father: John Robert Leins

    Mother: Joan Coleman


    1. BMD Index
    2. Leins		Jean V			Births	Mar 1949	Hawarden	8a	583	COLEMAN
    3. 2001 Notes from Julie Dobson

    Born: 5 Dec 1934, Surrey 1

    Married 1: Mar 1965, Jurg Schmid

    Jill and Jurg were engaged on 31.12.1963 when she was living in Richmond
    there is a BMD entry to see
    JUTTNER	Jill	England	Surrey, Kingston upon Thames	1972
    SCHMID	Jung	England	Surrey, Richmond upon Thames	1972

  • Clare Juttner-Schmid, born 1968
  • Married 2: 19 Feb 1972, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, Gunter Richard Juttner 2

  • Angela Jane Juttner, born 1972
  • Father: Louis Augustus Kenneth Leins

    Mother: Gladys Ethel Palmer


    Confused about marriage dates and birth date of both girls
    Is here birthday the 5th Dec 1934?


    1. BMD Index
    2. Leins	Jill 	Births	Mar 1935	Surrey N.E. 	2a	131	Palmer
    3. BMD Marriage Index
    4. Name:	JUTTNER,  Gunter R
      Registration District: 	Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
      Year of Registration: 	1972	Jan-Feb-Mar
      Spouse's last name: 	Juttner
      Volume No: 	5C
      Page No: 	1649
      Name:	JUTTNER,  Jill

      details found from & as modern 'must' be correct, even though entry
      surname is wrong!

    Born: New Zealand

  • Finn Leins
  • Ford Leins
  • Father: Kenneth Smerdon Leins

    Born: 4 May 1925, Eton, Buckinghamshire 1

    Died: Jan 2006, Pembrokeshire 1

    Father: Louis Augustus Kenneth Leins

    Mother: Clara Georgina Finnie


    Jill Leins says "John I believe lived as a sort of recluse in a rather old and decrepit farmhouse
    in the wilds of Scotland. I don’t think he ever married"


    1. BMD Index
    2. Leine	John C C 	Births	Jun 1925	Eton 	3a	1494	Finnie

      Name:	LEINS,  John Cecil C
      Registration District: 	Pembrokeshire, Pembrokeshire
      Year of Registration: 	2006 	January
      Date of Birth: 	4 May 1925
      District No: 	8191C
      Reg No: 	J10C
      Ent No: 	014
      DOR: 	106

    Born: Sep 1942, Holywell, Flintshire 1

    Married: Sep 1966, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, Margery E M Holloway 2

    Father: John Robert Leins

    Mother: Joan Coleman


    No BMD found


    1. BMD Index
    2. Name:	LEINS,  John D
      Registration District: 	Holywell, Flintshire
      Year of Registration: 	1943	Jul-Aug-Sep
      Mother's Maiden Name: 	Colaman
      Volume No: 	11B
      Page No: 	173
    3. BMD Marriage Index
    4. Name:	LEINS,  John D
      Registration District: 	Amersham, Buckinghamshire
      Year of Registration: 	1966 	Jul-Aug-Sep
      Spouse's last name: 	Holloway
      Volume No: 	6A
      Page No: 	904
      Name:	HOLLOWAY,  Margery E M

    Born: 5 Jul 1923, Shepherds Bush, London 1, 2

    Died: Nov 1979, Virginia Park Road, Gosport 1

    Married: 12 Oct 1942, St. Matthews Church, Lambeth, Joan Coleman 1

  • John Douglas Leins, born 1942
  • Maxwell A Leins, born 1945
  • Jeanna Victoria Leins, born 1949
  • Gretchen Leins, born 1956
  • Father: Douglas John Leins

    Mother: Ivy Lillian Howes


    My father ( John Robert Leins ) was the son of Douglas Leins ( eldest son of William (FRed) Louis
    and Rosa Nichols.  My father's mother was Ivy Howes, daughter of Ernest Howes, Chief Sanitary
    Inspector to the Port of London.  Ernest had 8 children as far as I can gather, some of
    whom I remember as ancient great aunts when I was very young.They lived in London , Lower Bland
    St. Ernest Howes married Julia Amies, from the paper mould making family from Maidstone
    , Kent.  Ernest had a brother so this man's children were cousins to my grandmother Ivy.  They
    were Bobby and Sally Ann Howes.  According to my mother, who knows more about her inlaws
    family than most of them did!, tells me that Bobby and Sally Ann Howes wrote "Paint your Wagon"
    for a West End performance.  I'm not sure hoe accurate this point is, but that is the relationship
    you seek, rather tenuous a link, however, since not related to the rest of the Leins
    family. Julia Howes was my great grandmother and she must have been sister in law to Bobby's
    I hope some of this is interesting or useful.  I am still researching but have many serious gaps
    John married Joan Coleman 12/10/1942 in St Matthews Church, Lambeth and had 2 sons Max married
    Jill and John married Margerie and 2 daughters Jeanne 11/01/1949 born in Flint married Michael
    Hugh Dobson on 24/05/1969 and Gretchen. Max has a son Ian. Jeanne has a son Luke who married
    Julie K.


    1. 2001 Notes from Julie Dobson
    2. BMD Index
    3. Leins	John R 	Births	Sep 1923	Hammersmith 	1a	289	Howes

    Born: 1896, Germany

    Census: 1901, 206 Stockwell Rd, Brixton 1

    Census: 1911, 101 Broughton Road Thornton Heath Surrey 2

    Married 1: Douglas Brown

  • Marguerite Brown, born 1924
  • Married 2: Mar 1922, Brighton, Thomas P Edwards 3

    assumped divorced

    Father: William Fredrick Leins

    Mother: Rosa Nicholls


    todo: Ancestry: London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906
    Birth, Baptism & Christening
    NAME: Joyce Rose Leins
    MOTHER: Rosa Leins
    FATHER: William Frederick Leins
    todo 1901/11 census
    Shelia Leins gives birth in Germany
    There is no record of marriage to Douglas Pascoe/Brown and Sheila Leins not sure they ever married


    1. 1901 British Census, 206 Stockwell Rd, Brixton, London
    2. Registration district:	Lambeth
      Sub-registration district:	Brixton
      Civil parish:	Lambeth
      Ecclesiastical parish:	St Andrew
      County/Island:	London
      Frederick Lines	40	Picture frame maker	London City
      Rosa Lines	37				London Mitcham
      Catherine Lines	7				London Nuse Hill
      Robert Lines	6				Germany (B subject)
      Joyce Lines	5				Germany (B subject)
      Harry Lines	3				London Duse Hill
      Douglas Lines	1				London Cricklewood
      Nellie Featherstone	serv 18
    3. 1911 British Census, 101 Broughton Road Thornton Heath Surrey
    4. Reg. District:	Croydon	Sub District:	West Croydon
      Parish:	Croydon	Enum. District:	 25
      Address:	101 Broughton Road Thornton Heath Surrey
      LEINS, William Fred	Head	Married 19 years	 M	50	1861	Fine Art Dealer	London Midsex
      LEINS, Rosa	Wife	Married	 F	46	1865		Mitcham Surrey
      LEINS, Robert	Son	Single	 M	16	1895	Apprentice Chef	Newenbury Germany
      LEINS, Joyce	Daughter	Single	 F	15	1896		Pforzhein Germany
      LEINS, Douglas	Son	Single	 M	11	1900		Cricklewood Midsex
      MACKNEY, Edmund	Boarder	Married	 M	30	1881	Musician	Bedford Bedfordshire
      MACKNEY, Violet	Wife	Married 3 years	 F	26	1885		Southhampton Hamptonshire
      MACKNEY, Lilie	Daughter		 F	1	1910		Thornton Heath Surrey
      ROOSS, Rosa	Boarder	Widow	 M	37	1874		Clapham Surrey
      ROOSS, Frank	Son		 M	6	1905		Croydon Surrey
      ROOSS, Hilda	Daughter		 F	2	1909		Wallington Surrey
    5. BMD Marriage Index
    6. Leins	Joyce R 	Marriages	Mar 1922	Brighton 	2b	345	Edwards
      Edwards	Thomas P 	Marriages	Mar 1922	Brighton 	2b	345	Leins

    Born: 20 Aug 1926, Eton, Buckinghamshire 1

    Died: 27 Jul 2009, New Zealand

  • John Leins
  • Father: Louis Augustus Kenneth Leins

    Mother: Clara Georgina Finnie


    Not sure of year of death - after 2007
    Had a son John, who has 2 boys Finn & Ford


    1. BMD Index
    2. Leins	Kenneth S 	Births	Sep 1926	Eton 	3a	1482	Finnie