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LOST IN LONDON (feature), Graphic Designer/Standby Art Director: This feature was filmed in a 100 minute continuous shot and broadcast LIVE into 550 cinemas in the US on the night of Thursday 19th of January 2017. For all the crew it was a massive challenge in times of live broadcast and action, including massive road closures and vehicle/dialogue timings. We had to ensure all the sets were prepped simultaneously and furnished with all the relevant action props in their correct positions, and then had to stage manage them as the show unfolded. Personally I enjoyed working with a first-time director who was very passionate about what he wanted, but who had little experience of what prep actually involved beyond the rehearsal room. For example, Woody suggested we photograph the fight sequence during the actual shoot for a key newspaper prop, and I had to point out that we would need to stage it independently in advance to actually physically have the prop on the night. For me there was a fantastic range of graphics, from coming up with the nightclub name and logo, to finally creating a fictional newspaper when Newsgroup rescinded permission two days before the shoot. It was certainly a unique project which I was thrilled to be involved in, and I was particularly grateful to Sophie for asking me to create 3 large original artworks for the restaurant set.