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GIRLS' NIGHT OUT (feature), Graphic Designer/Standby Art Director: This film is set in 1945 on the streets of London, which led me to the London Metropolitan Archives and literally hundreds of street photographs. I had to produce a great deal of signage to cover modern elements, as well as duplicating adverts, newspapers, official proclamations and COI posters to really evoke VE night. There were also some hero props that had to be designed from scratch; one that was particularly interesting was the cover of "Soho Jungle" which needed to describe the journey Elizabeth and Margaret were about to embark on in a quick visual. I used an image that later became synonymous with Princess Margaret - a cigarette holder - smoked by a mysterious woman in silhouette. I also had to organise numerous photo shoots, liaising closely with the Director, Costume and the 2nd, to ensure we achieved the specific images we wanted the camera to capture.