Here is the list of Sources and you can see where they are used (as generated by my BOD program) by clicking on the following categories to open a new window (unfortunately PAF does not output the Source Numbers in the detailed listing of people, so you have to manually deduce what the entry refers to)


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Listing of Source numbers & Titles

S1 Certificate Birth: CJCBroadhurst 1945 
S2 Ventom 1848 Prayer Book 
S3 Ironmongers' Admission Register 
S4 Will of Creighton Albert Broadhurst 1931 
S5 Will of Susan Fender 1966 
S6 Will of Vera Louise Broadhurst 1977 
S7 Certificate Birth: C M Haslam 1942 
S8 Certificate Birth: C J E Broadhurst 1973 
S9 Christening CJE Broadhurst 1974 
S10 Certificate Birth: P J E Broadhurst 1974 
S11 Christening PJEBroadhurst 1976 
S12 Terry Broadhurst family 
S13 Register: St Helen's,Willon, Chester 
S14 Ironmonger's Year Books 
S15 BMD Index 
S16 Ironmongers' Court Book 
S17 Will of William Hamilton Broadhurst 1866 
S18 Will of James Broadhurst 9 Aug 1832 
S19 Will of Mary Broadhurst 20 Jun 1837 
S20 Will of Emily Broadhurst 2 Nov 1852 
S21 Big 1787 Miller Bible 
S22 Will of John Miller 19 March 1823 
S23 Ironmonger's Company History 
S24 Will of Ann Broadhurst 1851 
S25 IGI Saint Dunstan In The East,Great Tower St,London 
S26 IGI Saint Mary, Newington, Surrey 
S27 1945 Notes 
S28 IGI Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London 
S29 Register: Pulford, Cheshire 
S30 Register Burial: Backford, Cheshire 
S31 Parish Church of St Oswald's Backford, Cheshire 
S32 Will of Starkey Broadhurst 11th April 1791 
S33 IGI Brighton, Sussex 
S34 IGI Saint Mark, Kennington, London 
S35 IGI Hartford, Northwich, Cheshire 
S36 Parish Register of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in the City of Chester 1532 - 1837 
S37 Will of Rev Thos Broadhurst 2 Oct 1802 
S38 Register Marriage: Backford, Cheshire 
S39 Alummi Cantabrigienses: BROADHURST, THOMAS 
S40 St. Oswald's Church in the Parish of Backford 
S41 1861 British Census, Little Green, Richmond, Surrey 
S42 Will of George Creighton Broadhurst 1897 
S43 1881 British Census, Church Street, Shoreham, Sussex 
S44 West Norwood Family grave No 13624 
S45 West Norwood Cemetery 
S46 1871 British Census, 17 Queen Adelaide Rd, Penge, Lewisham, London 
S47 1881 British Census, 36 Kellett Rd, Lambeth, Surrey 
S48 Will of Alfred William Broadhurst 1866 
S49 Will of Creighton George Broadhurst 1923 
S50 Master in the Merchant Service 1851 
S51 1871 British Census, 6 Liverpool Street, Newington 
S52 Letter 10th May 1851 
S53 Ironmonger Admission paper Alfred 
S54 Sailing letters 
S55 1839 Sailing Instructions 
S56 1849 Friendly Union Society 
S57 IGI St Stephen Walbrook, London 
S58 Letter 1 Jan 1850 
S59 Ironmonger's Apprentice bindings 
S60 Auction Catalogue 
S61 Coat of Arms 
S62 Fairbairn's Book of Crests 
S63 Landed Gentry 
S64 1881 British Census, Main Street, Downham, Cambridge 
S65 1901 Census Index, Page 65575 C Broadhurst 
S66 CCPB verbal information 
S67 NewsPaper: 2.6.1934 Times 
S68 1901 Census Index, Page 58046 A Leins 
S69 Peerage and Baronetage 
S70 PRO - documents on line 
S71 Descendants of Henry Kyffin 1708 
S72 West Norwood Family grave No 38374 
S73 NewsPaper: 5.6.1934 Financial Times 
S74 Certificate Birth: JH Wooster 1866 
S75 1881 British Census, 41 St James Rd, Croydon, Surrey 
S76 1871 British Census, 14 Kings Rd, Camberwell, Peckam, London 
S77 1881 British Census, 16 Queen Adelaide Rd, Penge, Surrey 
S78 1901 Census Index, Page 563590/1 H Broadhurst 
S79 1881 British Census, South Lodge,Finchley, Middlesex 
S80 1901 Census Index, Page 403714 A Keller 
S81 Register Christening: Backford, Cheshire 
S82 IGI Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London 
S83 1901 Census Index, Page 65320 J Firth 
S84 1901 Census Index, Page 1286551 E Hersee 
S85 1881 British Census, 8 West Grove, Hackney, London, Middlesex 
S86 1891 British Census, 11 Trinity Road, Norwood, Lambeth, London 
S87 1871 British Census, 8 Stamford Grove West, Hackney, London 
S88 1891 British Census, 12 Leyland Road, Lee, Lewisham, London 
S89 1881 British Census, 9 Downs Road, Hackney, London, Middlesex 
S90 Certificate Death: F Haslam 1994 
S91 Certificate Birth: JA Stoney 1917 
S92 1891 British Census, 8 Apple St, Great Bolton, Lancashire 
S93 1901 Census Index, Page 994325 R Haslam 
S94 Certificate Birth: ME Stoney 1894 
S95 Obituary: Margaret Ellen Stoney 1894 
S96 South African Cemetery 
S97 Florence Nightingale Medal 
S98 1881 British Census, 14 George St, Tyldesley Cum Shakerley, Lancashire 
S99 1861 British Census, 186 Bolton St, Atherton, Lancashire 
S100 Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
S101 1901 Census Index, Page 519451 J Kyffin 
S102 Alummi Oxford:KYFFIN, John 1883 
S103 1881 British Census, 5 & 6 Park Place, Milton In Gravesend, Kent 
S104 Certificate Birth: EE Mallinson 1868 
S105 1881 British Census, The Vicarage, Llanbadrig, Anglesey 
S106 1901 Census Index, Page 1188548 T Kyffin 
S107 Alummi Cantabrigienses:KYFFIN, Thomas Lloyd 
S108 Certificate Marriage: J Kyffin and EE Mallinson 1893 
S109 Alummi Oxford:KYFFIN, John 1800 
S110 Certificate Marriage: J Kyffin and SA Andrews 1864 
S111 1881 British Census, 6 Greenside, Richmond, Surrey 
S112 IGI Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey 
S113 IGI Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London 
S114 Alummi Oxford:KYFFIN, John 1760 
S115 2005 Notes from Barbara Anstie 
S116 Alummi Oxford:KYFFIN, John 1721-2 
S117 2001 Notes from Julie Dobson 
S118 IGI Saint Stephen And Saint Benet Sherehog, London 
S119 Certificate Marriage: AE Leins and CL Mack 1891 
S120 IGI Vital, Aachen Stadt, Rheinland, Preussen 
S121 1901 Census Index, Page 443959 Leins 
S122 Directory: Bailey's British 1784 
S123 IGI Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London 
S124 1871 British Census, 7 Cecil Rd, Plaitstow, West Ham, Essex 
S125 Will of Thomas Broadhurst 14 Mar 1856 
S126 1881 British Census, Besley St Eardley Rd, Streatham, Surrey 
S127 IGI St James Duke'S-Place, London 
S128 Alummi Cantabrigienses:MALLINSON, George Henry 
S129 IGI Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey 
S130 1881 British Census, 1 Torrons Rd, Lambeth, Surrey 
S131 1891 British Census, 1 Torrons Road, Norwood, Lambeth, London 
S132 Certificate Birth: S Smerdon 1842 
S133 1861 British Census, 133 Astley Green,,Astley, Lancashire 
S134 1881 British Census, Astley Green, Astley, Lancashire 
S135 1881 British Census, 8 Apple St, Great Bolton, Lancashire 
S136 1861 British Census, 16 Parret St, Bolton Lancashire 
S137 Certificate Marriage: W Stoney and E Green 1877 
S138 1901 Census Index, Page 720021 T Haslam 
S139 1901 Census Index, Page 994316 W Haslam 
S140 1901 Census Index, Page 720303 R Haslam 
S141 1881 British Census, 36 Apple St, Great Bolton, Lancashire 
S142 War Graves Commission 
S143 1861 British Census, 25 Joiners Row, Blackburn, Lancashire 
S144 1891 British Census, 36 Apple St, Great Bolton, Lancashire 
S145 Certificate Marriage: JAS Mack and S Smerdon 1864 
S146 IGI Saint Mary, Lambeth, London 
S147 IGI Saint Mathew, Brixton, London 
S148 Parish Register Brandeston 
S149 Alummi Oxford:BROADHURST Thomas 1807 
S150 1861 British Census, Pubright House, Chipstead, Reigate, Surrey 
S151 IGI Chipstead, Surrey 
S152 1891 British Census, Harrywits Lane, Rossett, Malpas - Flintshire 
S153 1881 British Census, 21 Liverpool St, Newington, Surrey 
S154 1881 British Census, 53 Carleton Rd, Islington 
S155 1881 British Census, Reigate Rd, Reigate Foreign, Surrey 
S156 Certificate Marriage: G Wooster & E F Hersee 1845 
S157 1871 British Census, 24 Burchell Rd, Camberwell,Peckam,London 
S158 IGI Saint Giles, Camberwell, Surrey 
S159 1861 British Census, Abbey Road, West Ham, Essex 
S160 Certificate Marriage: J Mallinson and CJ Elliot 1865 
S161 Alummi Oxford:KYFFIN, Henry 1753 
S162 Alummi Cantabrigienses:KYFFIN, William 
S163 Certificate Marriage: CJC Broadhurst and CM Haslam 1969 
S164 Certificate Marriage: F Haslam and JA Stoney 1940 
S165 Certificate Marriage: CJE Broadhurst and KP Wareham 2002 
S166 IGI Saint Bride Fleet St, London 
S167 Certificate Marriage: AW Broadhurst and JS Ventom 1852 
S168 Certificate Marriage: CA Broadhurst and VL Leins 1916 
S169 Beamish family tree 
S170 NewsPaper 19.6.1918 
S171 IGI All Souls, St. Marylebone, London 
S172 Certificate Marriage: CG Broadhurst and JH Wooster 1889 
S173 Certificate Marriage: LA Leins and A Schiffers 1859 
S174 Certificate Marriage: E Haslam and E Davies 1910 
S175 IGI Whitchurch, Hampshire 
S176 IGI Saint Helen Bishopsgate, London 
S177 IGI Old Church, Saint Pancras, London 
S178 Peerage and Baronetage 
S179 IGI Salisbury, Wiltshire 
S180 IGI East Street Independent, Andover, Hampshire 
S181 IGI Tabernacle Penn Street-Calvinistic Methodist, Bristol, Gloucester 
S182 1881 British Census, Priory Road Fairmount, Holdenhurst, Hampshire 
S183 Peerage and Baronetage 
S184 BMD Index 
S185 1901 Census Index 1239293 G WIlls 
S186 1881 British Census, Westbury Ldg, Westbury On Trym, Gloucester 
S187 IGI Morgans Hill Independent, Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire 
S188 1901 Census Index 160720 E WIlls 
S189 Beamish family tree 
S190 Handed down note 
S191 1881 British Census, Westbury Ldg, Radipole, Dorset 
S192 1881 British Census, Westbury Ldg, Sandhurst, Gloucester 
S193 1901 Census Index 1116826 T De Winton