Selected Families and Individuals


Constance Margaret Haslam

They lived at 20 Chatsworth Ave, Winnersh until 1974 when they moved to New Vine Cottage, Farley Hill.

Philippa Jane Elizabeth Broadhurst

Born at 10 minutes past midday

Creighton Cecil Percy Broadhurst

Topline and Sue lived at 2 Becmead Av when he was working at the Admiralty. Eventually working a farm at Sparkwell, Staverton, Nr Totnes, S.Devon from 1949.
He left there and moved to Hesketh Dell, Meadfoot Sea Rd, Torquay in 1988 and then to Petitor Rd, St Marychurch, Torquay in 1996.

Susan Kyffin

After she divorced Topline in 1950 (?), she married Michael Baille-Grohman and lived in Wiltshire and then Tilehurst, Reading for a short while. In 1954 (?) they travelled overland in a Hilliam Husky van to India where she shot a record length tiger. They then lived in Schloss Matzen, Brizlegg, Innsbruch, Austria, which was his father's (Admiral B-G) castle.
On her return to England and her divorce in 1958 she moved into Freshfield Manor, Horsted Kynes, Sussex. In the early 1960s she moved to Keeper's Cottage, Coleman's Hatch, Sussex before buying 88 Ebury Street, London.
She changed her name by deed poll to Victoria Gordon (hence her number plate VG 88).
She married Percy G.H. Fender on 19th Apr 1962 at Crowborough. Note he had served with Gogo in WWI. They brought Cox Farm, Warnham, Horsham, but kept on both their London flats.
She had separated from PGH Fender by the time of her death.
A very good biography of her is given in Shon's (Williams Kyffin) book 'A Wider Sky' 1991, ISBN 086383-757-3. He changed the names as follows: Gwen was Mummy, Owen was Gogo, Brenda was Granny, David was Thomas, TB Lieutenant was Dad, Berkshire village was Tilehurst and the Commander was Michael. Schloss Wolfstein was Matzen.
According to Kump, the present owner of Matzen...
"In 1873 Fanny Read Grohman, an Irishwoman, bought the property and restored it. Her son William Baillie-Grohman continued her work, wrote a number of books about the history of the valley, and once even hosted Theodore Roosevelt on a hunt. The family maintained the castle through two World Wars, returning to Britain when the fighting got too close. The fourth generation of the family sold the castle in 1957"

Joyce Arnott Stoney

Her father's name could have been Thomas Arnott (verbal by FH)

Creighton John Edward Broadhurst

Born at 10 minutes past 3 in the morning

Thomas Broadhurst

Was a yeoman when Thomas christened.

Terry B reckons born 1688

William Broadhurst Esq.

He was the William the 'elder' in the Ironmongers.
Born before 1753 because of Freedom
Died after 1824 because of Freedom of son Alfred and before 1843 (as was first Lists to check)

Not found in the baptism register at Pulford between 1740/52.
Not found in the Bishop's Transcripts of St Mary Pulford between 1746/51.
Not found at Aldford, Chester St John or St Oswald ( ditto Elizabeth)
Left to check: St Bridget, St Martin, St Mary on the Hill, St Michale, St Olave, St Peter in Chester or Chester Cathedral.

In 1784 a Broadhurst, William and James company is recorded in Lowndes's London Directory 1784, 23rd Edition, as sugar brokers, food/drinnk(s) at 18 Harp lane, Tower Street, London.

In 1779 a William Broadhurst is listed in The Complete Pocket Book, or Gentleman and Tradesman's Daily Journal, 11779, London (printed by J.Johnson & J.Payne) as Broker, financial/brokering service(s) at New Court, Swithin's Lane, London.

In 1793 the Universal British Directory (1793-98), 2nd edition published by Peter barfoot & John Wilkes in 9 volumes lists:
Directory section
James Broadhurst, sugar-broker 18 Harp Lane
Livery Section
James Broadhurst,Swithin's Lane Ironomnger's Co sworn sugar broker
William Broadhurst, 18 Harp Lane Ironomnger's Co sworn sugar broker
found by Cathy {]

Kent's London Directory 1817, list him as broker at 8 Mincing Lane.
Pigot's London Directory Sept 1839 lists him as a broker at 13 London Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing Lane London

In IGI BRODEHURST-C062369.ged there are 4 children, William c.20 May 1767, Elizabeth Sarah c.18 Jul 1768, Thomas c.18 Apr 1770 & James c.2 Aug 1775 born to William and Ann[e] @ Saint Anne Soho, Westminster - they could just be some of this children if he was born in 1746/7 and married early, aged 19/20

William (Hamilton) Broadhurst

He was William the 'younger' in the Ironmongers.
Born before 1792 because of Freedom

If he was the son of William and father of Alfred, then born 1797-21=1776

Pigot's London Directory, Sep 1839 has an entry for William Broadhurst (sugar broker) 13 Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing Lane

The Post Office Directory of 1851 has the entry 13 & 16 Commercial Sale Rooms; Broadhust Wm. sugar brkr

BMD has a death Sep 1869 of a William aged 91 dying in Macclesfield 8a 77 , therefore born in 1778, but probably not him.

There was (a son) Alfred (born bef 1828), who married Louisa Jessie and they had 2 children: Jessie c. 17 Jun 1849 and Edward Alfred c. 15 Jan 1854, both christened at Saint Mark, Kennington, London, #: P015571 , Source Call #: 0375289-0375291, 0375289-0375291
But if so why wasn't he an Ironmonger?
So either the Index is wrong, it is William's son, or there is another Broadhurst branch living in Kennington.

TODO: place all the people mentioned in WHB's will
Brothers:- James, Edward and Alfred
Nieces:- Emily Earnshaw Caroline and Ellen FAREBROTHER
Nephew:- Thomas Mitchell BROADHURST
Partner:- James Francis Firth
and Alfred William Firth
Sisters:- Caroline, Mary Ann and Louisa BROADHURST
but remember...
A sister can mean a sister by blood, a half sister, a step sister, a
sister in law (wife of brother) or, by extension a later wife of the man
who was formerly your sister's husband. Same relationships apply to
the term 'brother'.
The kin of your wife bear the same relation to you as to her, so your
wife's sister is your sister, and your wife's brother's wife is your
This accounts for the treatedment of 'marriage to deceased wife's
sister' as incest and illegal.
With other relationships, you are possibly thinking of 'cousin' which
can apply to anyone except parents, siblings and children. Nieces and
nephews and grandchildren can be 'cousins', so can more distant kin
vaguely linked or more distantly.

BMD has...
Farebrother Ellen Marriages Sep 1873 Kensington 1a 175
Farebrother Caroline Deaths Jun 1891 Wandsworth 1d 534 72

Louisa Broadhurst

mentioned in William Hamilton's will

Caroline Broadhurst

mentioned in William Hamilton's will

Mary Ann Broadhurst

mentioned in William Hamilton's will

Edward Broadhurst

mentioned in William Hamilton's will


BIRTH: Anne Miller's Christening gives mother as Elizh.

James Broadhurst

Born before 1795 because of Freedom

Ellen Broadhurst

Could be, if she did not marry
Broadhurst Ellen Deaths Dec 1901 Fulham 1a 216 76

William Broadhurst

Possible BMD index
Marriages Mar 1867
Broadhurst William Lambeth 1d 497

Mary Broadhurst

Possible marriage
Broadhurst Mary Marriages Mar 1866 Lambeth 1d 315
or if never married - could just be
Broadhurst Mary Deaths Mar 1902 Steyning 2b 209 73

Thomas Terah Ventom

Note there are other Ventoms at around this period:
in VENTOM-C055762.ged
William & Rebecca having Edwin 23 Apr 1817 ,Ellen 29 Jul 1818 & Isabella 23 Apr 1817
William & Alicia having Amelia 19 Feb 1813 & Alicia 19 Feb 1813
and in VENTOM-C055761.ged
William & Rebecca having Willm. Henry 17 Oct 1804 & Howard 19 Oct 1808

Mary Ann

She is referenced in Julia Susan's christening